SHORTS / 75 mins

Rankin Street


In this collection of experimental and documentary works, cityscapes, rainy days, video diaries and cinema itself are the starting points for adventurous inquiries into the acts of image-making. By repositioning the frame and repurposing the archive, linkages between memory, politics and the image are proposed and unsettled.

— Curated by Chi-hui Yang

In This Program

  1. Adilman-A+_1col copy


    Nobu Adilman / Canada / 2012 / Documentary / 6 mins
    Cinema finds its accounts in an uncommon ledger, whose lines and tabulations conceal the greatest love of all.

  2. clouds rain

    Clouds, Rain

    Libble D. Cohn / USA / 2013 / Experimental / 6 mins
    In this sensory encounter with the elements and urban space, Cohn plays with the acts of looking and hearing, and turns an unfamiliar place and the everyday into an abstracted pleasure.

  3. GOJ6BIG

    It’s Not A Prison If You Never Try The Door

    Joshua Gen Solondz / USA / 2013 / Documentary, Experimental / 7 mins
    Multi-hyphenate Solondz creates a remediated, glitch-filled revision of a monster classic. As pixels melt, stick and stutter, Godzilla arises and the world decays, a startling vision of mutation and destruction.

  4. cave

    Mount Song

    Shambhavi Kaul / India, USA / 2013 / Experimental / 9 mins
    Oriental pagodas, mysterious wisps of smoke, garishly colored sunsets and dramatic thundercracks. Kaul repurposes sets and effects from 1970s Hong Kong genre films to bring the background to the fore and evoke an uncanny vision of a movie-mythologized East.

  5. nightfalls03_300dpi

    Night Falls On Glass

    Norbert Shieh / Canada, USA / 2012 / Documentary, Experimental / 11 mins
    A shimmering city symphony refracted through Vancouver's vertical skyline. Highrise windows are reframed as geometric patterns and merge with urban din to reveal a gleaming city of glass.

  6. PrivateLife_1sm copy copy

    The Private Life of Fenfen

    Leslie Tai / USA / 2013 / Bay Area Connection, Experimental / 28 mins
    In a feat of editing and reflexive intervention, Tai captures the dramas of squabbling families, loves lost and loneliness as told by a young Chinese woman’s video diaries, all the while reframing our own spectatorship to comment on the blurred line between public and private.

  7. Rankin Street

    Rankin Street, 1953

    Naeem Mohaiemen / Bangladesh, USA / 2013 / Experimental / 8 mins
    A newly discovered box of photographs, taken years before Mohaiemen’s birth, opens an inquiry into family archives, the failure of memory and the role of images as reminders for remembering.

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March 14, 2014 5:20 pm
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