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Whether fantastic or mundane, love can manifest itself in the oddest ways. Then again, it may not show up at all. From Coney Island to Vietnam, these films capture the ups and downs of romance in the modern age.

Mordecai Stayton


In This Program

  1. burn to send

    Burn to Send

    Andinh Ha / Vietnam / 2013 / Drama, Narrative / 20 mins
    Winner of the 2012 King Award in Screenwriting at Tisch’s First Run Film Festival, BURN TO SEND is a slow-burning tale of two young people caught up in the whirlwind of their own lives.

  2. Choose Wisely

    Choose Wisely

    Storycake Films / USA / 2013 / Narrative / 5 mins
    Made for the 2013 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Fest, this hilarious short pits brother against brother and husband against wife.

  3. dress


    Henry Cusick / USA / 2013 / Drama, Family, Narrative / 20 mins
    Henry Ian Cusick (LOST, SCANDAL) directs and stars in this surreal, moving short about the aftermath of loss in a young family living in Hawaii.

  4. Etude Solo

    Etude, Solo

    Yoo Dae-eol / South Korea / 2011 / Narrative / 19 mins
    First love can sometimes be the worst. Built on the back of two parallel narratives, ETUDE, SOLO is all about the pains and triumphs of being in love.

  5. lonesome town still 1

    Lonesome Town

    Grace Wang / USA/Canada / 2013 / Documentary, Experimental / 3 mins
    Set against singer-songwriter Ricky Nelson’s “Lonesome Town,” a picture postcard from the New York shoreline reveals the isolation of crowds and the lonesome life of a day at the beach.

  6. Sam Nang


    Asaph Polonsky / USA / 2013 / Drama, Romance / 22 mins
    Doughnut baker Samnang spends his nights alone and his days holed up in an apartment. When his boss, Ngoun, brings his sister on to help with baking, Samnang has to learn how to deal with other people again. A heartfelt take on the immigrant experience.

  7. Shell


    Wesley Chan / USA / 2013 / Narrative, Romance / 7 mins
    Blurring the lines between fiction and reality, SHELL raises a question: If you could create a memory out of thin air, what would happen?

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