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From thrilling horror narratives to confrontations with death and decay, Provocateurs Shorts is a collection of this year’s darkest and most enthralling selections. Perfect for thrill-seekers and fun-loving audiences, this program is a joyride that will tickle and delight you.

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In This Program

  1. H7N3_still 2


    Iris Shim / U S A / 2013 / Horror, Narrative / 11 mins
    In this chilling short, a traveling doctor visits the home of a concerned family, whose sickly daughter has contracted an ominous malady. To the doctor’s chagrin, this infection is stronger and more sinister than what he’d first expected.

  2. The Hole

    The Hole

    Ahn Joon-seong / South Korea / 2012 / Narrative / 20 mins
    In this grisly, enthralling short, a recently released convict bears witness to a traumatic, life-changing scene. His ensuing actions reveal the complexity of empathy, selflessness and the human heart.

  3. Kill of the Night

    Kill Of The Night

    Aya Tanimura / USA / 2013 / Narrative / 5 mins
    With the sun shining and the wind in her hair, a young woman is enjoying what seems to be a harmless drive in her convertible. But the facade is quickly shattered when she pulls over to examine a wounded animal.

  4. Milkyboy copy


    Arnold Arre / Philippines / 2013 / Animation, Narrative / 20 mins
    What goes up must come down, and celebrities are no exception. This animated dark comedy follows the story of a child star and his humorous descent into jaded young adulthood.

  5. indie_2012-06-05_6

    Sewing Woman

    Woo Jin / South Korea / 2012 / Narrative / 4 mins
    Ever wonder what happens after you die? Chances are this is not what you had in mind. Mortality, the afterlife and more are explored in this captivatingly macabre Ed Gein-esque animation.

  6. Sukiyaki

    Sukiyaki with Love

    Akiko Izumitani / U S A / 2013 / Comedy, Horror / 4 mins
    As a young husband considers divorce, he comes home to a wife whose demeanor has seemingly transformed overnight. After sitting down for a nice home-cooked meal, the husband is shocked and horrified to discover the reason for the sudden change.

  7. thinking about thinking

    Thinking About Thinking

    Adrian David / USA / 2013 / Bay Area Connection, Student / 6 mins
    In this experimental mosaic, the living reach deep to share their hopes, fears, thoughts and perspectives on death. These dark ruminations might leave you with more questions than answers.

  8. What Remains

    What Remains

    Sarita Khurana & Chitra Ganesh / USA / 2013 / Experimental, Horror / 14 mins
    Haunted by her past, a young woman returns to her childhood home to sort through aged belongings and forgotten memories. What she ultimately walks away with is both welcomed and unexpected.

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March 16, 2014 4:45 pm
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