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A call to action: From revolutionary Filipinas to undocumented youth, queer Chinese women and Japanese internment camp survivors, these films shed light on the need for Global Social Justice.

Celeste Chan


In This Program

  1. The Lala Road

    The Lala Road

    Letitia Lamb / China / 2012 / Documentary, Gay/Lesbian / 10 mins
    “Lala” is short for lesbian. Four Chinese women discuss their struggles with cultural expectations and finding freedom to love.

  2. LanYan 1

    Lan Yan

    Danielle Schmidt / China / 2013 / Bay Area Connection, Documentary / 14 mins
    A documentary about the irreplaceable sense of community in the diminishing neighborhoods of Shanghai, told from the reflections of a father and daughter.

  3. My Revolutionary Mother

    My Revolutionary Mother

    Jethro Patalinghug / Philippines, USA / 2013 / Bay Area Connection, Documentary, Social Issue / 31 mins
    For the first time in almost 20 years, a son confronts his mother, an activist who left her family in the Philippines to fight for her country. A moving documentary of revolution and reconciliation.

  4. Paruparo

    Paruparo (Butterfly)

    Shasha Nakhai / Canada / 2013 / Musical, Social Issue / 6 mins
    PARUPARO reveals the plight of a migrant Filipina nanny. She externalizes her pain through dance. Her brilliant red fans are reminiscent of a butterfly trapped in a window and unable to return home.

  5. Speaking Out

    Speaking Out!

    Steve Nagano / USA / 2013 / Documentary, Social Issue / 7 mins
    Drawn from 157 testimonies, SPEAKING OUT! captures the emotion, loss, pain, suffering and fortitude of Japanese American internment camp survivors.

  6. Why_still


    Julia Kim Smith / U S A / 2012 / Experimental / 1 mins
    Google’s auto-complete feature reveals unsettling fallacies, truths, fears and desires about us all.

  7. WhyWeRise_Promo

    Why We Rise

    Brian Redondo & Corinne Manabat / U S A / 2013 / Documentary, Social Issue / 14 mins
    “I can’t find a job.” “I can’t go anywhere.” Three brave Asian American youth reveal their stories as undocumented students. Their struggles and their strength are on full display in this film by Corinne Manabat (SFIAAFF ’09) and Brian Redondo.

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