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CAAM is proud to partner with Asia’s premier Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) to present this unique film exhibition of features and shorts. Marking the inaugural event of the CAAM-BIFF partnership, the Wide Angle Showcase epitomizes the innovative spirit that both organizations share.


In This Program

  1. 1376016306

    Daytime Moon

    Yong-wan Kim / South Korea / 2013 / Experimental, Narrative / 14 mins
    Watching Bongu having a good time with his new girlfriend at the beach, makes Youngbok abruptly explode and beat him up. Bongu dances at the beach to convince Youngbok that they already broke up. Long ago, he danced the very same dance to hit on Youngbok. This is a short film of a breakup with comic touch and witty imagination.

  2. 1376628579

    In the Summer

    Tae-gyun Son / South Korea / 2012 / Gay/Lesbian, Narrative / 28 mins
    After a girl witnesses a boy act on his affection for his friend, he agrees to do her bidding in order to keep his secret. But when the friend discovers the truth, the consequences are not what anyone would expect.

  3. A Lady Caddy

    A Lady Caddy Who Never Saw A Hole In One

    Yosep Angyi Noen / Indonesia / 2013 / Experimental, Narrative / 15 mins
    A man is standing on the ridge of rice paddies. A woman in a caddy uniform is standing next to him. Pretending to play golf, he interrogates about her way of life. He suspects her motivations because she walks with the rich. Without a specific story and only with symbolic conversation and gestures, the film shows the contradiction of labor and pleasure, poverty and abundance.

  4. 1377756756

    Morning Walk

    Omkar Barve / India / 2013 / Experimental, Narrative / 12 mins
    Early one morning, a boy wakes up and walks toward the center of village. He needs to find stuff to get through his day. On the street polluted with dust and waste, a blunt person is doing his job. The worn out boy comes back home. With dignity, the film shows the monotonous and tough mundane lives of the poor.

  5. Smile


    Pung-yeon Won / South Korea / 2013 / Narrative / 16 mins
    An old man collecting paper scraps happens to meet an old lady collecting yogurt bottles. She tries to color the tattoo of a bulldog on his arm with her lipstick. She is always kind to him. Though annoyed with her, he’s worried when she’s not around. In Smile, the legacy of people in later years is that they never fail to smile even in their hardships.

  6. 1376630270(0)

    There is No Poetry Here

    Kalinga Deshapriya Vithanage / Sri Lanka / 2013 / Narrative / 10 mins
    In Sri Lanka, the public responds to violent oppression by the government with violence. Following the images of violence back to back, a determined man stands up. To resist this repetition of violence, he makes a final declaration to the world in front of a camera. This film is a declaration on violence made by experimental technique using video clips.

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