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Bus Girl

Directed by Jessica Henwick

Cast: Jessica Henwick, Evanna Lynch, Daniel Portman, Philippe Spall, Myles Devonte, Chipo Chung, John Macmillan, Daphne Cheung, Joshua Henwick, Lourdes Faberes, Duncan Hees, Pearl Henwick, Gideon Henwick, Claire Dell, Anya Leyfield, Vicky Shepherd, Christopher Chung

Master chef in-training by day, common restaurant waitress by night: June prays for the day she gets her big break into the culinary world. In the meantime, she’ll clean tables and deal with an ambivalent boss. But when a busy night at the restaurant leads to negligence, only June’s skills and passion can save its reputation. Jessica Yu-li Henwick’s directorial debut is a delightful look into ambition and its joys.

Plays in

Great Expectations

At decisive moments in our lives, secret human incongruities bubble to the surface. These narratives profile characters facing those crossroads where they must choose who they really are. Whether it be in a declining ballroom dance studio or a tumultuous Eid party, we are reminded of the excitement, fear, sadness, and joy that come with ambition and expectations.