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Congratulations (Mabrook)

Directed by Asad Farooqui

Cast: Navin Gurnaney, Asad Frooqui, Annam Rizwan, Manahar Kumar, Nasim, Farah Toor, Rabinder Campbell, Rajiv Vora

Amir dreams of scoring a role—any role—in a silver screen special. Until that day comes, he must steer through the relentless gossip and contentious politics that arise during his family’s Eid celebration. Regardless of the broken relationships, controversial discussions, and unsteady peacemaking he faces throughout the day, Amir is determined to let his voice be heard. Congratulations (Mabrook) deftly tackles the ways that historical rifts affect the generations that contend with them.

Plays in

Great Expectations

At decisive moments in our lives, secret human incongruities bubble to the surface. These narratives profile characters facing those crossroads where they must choose who they really are. Whether it be in a declining ballroom dance studio or a tumultuous Eid party, we are reminded of the excitement, fear, sadness, and joy that come with ambition and expectations.