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Crashing Wheels on Concrete

Cast: Shelly Yo

CRASHING WHEELS ON CONCRETE follows the life of Kat Sy who navigates through life’s ups and downs through her love of skateboarding. The story follows her life from her birth to present day, where we experience the undulations of life and society through her lens. As she grows older and experiences societal adversities such as sexism and racism, she uses her love for skateboarding to navigate through the pains of life and to discover its beauties. The short is a meditation on adulthood and how the love and passion of skateboarding helps stabilize the inevitable uncertainties of life.

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The cities by the Bay have always had a reputation for eclectic personalities of all ages. From basketball to streaming, this collection of films highlights the fascinating stories of both real and fictional figures whose paths land on the Bay Area streets. When we walk amongst our local communities, we remember that these people walk with us.

Dates & Times


The New Parkway Theater

Sun, May 22
2:00 pm