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Love and Corona

Directed by Nicole Maxali and Ratha Nou

Cast: Francis Lansang, Giancarlo Cariola, Joyelle Nicole Johnson, Kristiana Torregosa, Nicole Maxali, Shannon Skiles

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Korinne loses everything: her job, livelihood—and if she doesn’t find funds soon, she’ll lose her apartment, too. Her saving grace is “SubsOnly”: a lucrative subscription service site in which she conducts virtual dates (and sells high-quality photos of her feet) under a pseudonym. When an opportunity to forge a true connection arises, she must be true to herself—or face yet another tiring loss. All is fair in Love and Corona, a lighthearted and poignant look into modern-day relationships.

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The cities by the Bay have always had a reputation for eclectic personalities of all ages. From basketball to streaming, this collection of films highlights the fascinating stories of both real and fictional figures whose paths land on the Bay Area streets. When we walk amongst our local communities, we remember that these people walk with us.

Dates & Times


The New Parkway Theater

Sun, May 22
2:00 pm