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Directed by Masami Kawai

Cast: Delila Mendez, Kana Kawai, Kiyomi Lung, Nyles Washington

Kana, an elderly immigrant woman, lives in a crumbling Los Angeles incapacitated by drought. The wealthy can sequester themselves in sheltered communities with abundant resources—but Kana and other individuals without means must scavenge for water, entrenched by danger and manipulators. After a neighbor begs her for water, Kana risks the hazards of the city to aid her fellow man. Zona powerfully advocates for the resilience of immigrants and critiques societal responses to the ongoing climate crisis.

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New Journeys

Caring for those around us can demand we break out of the habitual to meet the moment. Whether it be fallen comrades, grandchildren, neighbors, or themselves, these characters confront their challenges with strength that can only be acquired through years of experience. Surviving and at times, thriving, these films remind us that there are always new journeys in our lives.