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Hong Kong Cinema Showcase

With support from the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in San Francisco (HKETO), CAAMFest40 presents a dynamic series of contemporary narrative films from Hong Kong.



In this program


Directed by Longman Leung

Anita Mui lost her father when she was young and grew up in a single parent household where she fell into show business for survival. Anita and her sister sang to provide for their family. It skyrocketed Anita to stardom, but it was also her eventual downfall. This is the story of Anita Mui, the “daughter of Hong Kong” and a beloved Cantopop icon.

Coffin Homes

Directed by Fruit Chan

Soaring property prices drive dwellers to take every insane effort necessary to secure a cramped space, even if it means sharing the same roof with the dead.


Directed by Jun Li

Ex-prisoner Fai is roughing it on the streets, but the government doesn’t care why he’s a junkie or why he went to jail. Fai lives in one of the poorest districts in Hong Kong, and is regularly forced to move due to the city’s redevelopment projects. Sick of being evicted, he teams up with his fellow companions and a young social worker to demand compensation for their losses in court.