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Asian Chops (PBS Food Show)

New Directions / 90 mins



Join CAAM, KQED, and filmmaker Grace Lee for a unique food conference announcing a new national production for PBS. Meet the production team and some leading San Francisco Bay Area culinary voices as we introduce one of the most exciting Asian American television projects in years. We’d also love to hear audience ideas to help shape the program. It’s 2013 and Americans are more obsessed with food than ever before. We can grow, buy, sell, cook and eat pretty much whatever we want without leaving our neighborhoods, much less our borders. This access to culture through food is changing how we eat, how we live, and altering our notions of what it means to be American. This CAAM and KQED co-production journeys across Asian America, using obsession with food as launching point for a wealth of stories, traditions and unexpected characters.

What exactly does food reflect about Asian Americans and America itself? Our production will grapple with this question, which is as complex as the very concept of Asian America. How does the diversity of ethnic groups, generations, religions, and languages among us—from Cantonese to Hmong to pidgin Hawaiian to English—shape our relationship to food? Unquestionably for all Asian Americans, food is one of those rare bonds shared through family, culture, and memory that all Americans share.

Free, RSVP required.

Dates & Times

Asian Chops (PBS Food Show)

March 23, 2013 5:00 pm Free, RSVP required