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CAAMFest 2013

CAAM Tides

As we mark a transition from our traditional festival to CAAMFest 2013, we also present an exciting new way to navigate our films and events. An alternative to typical festival sections, CAAM Tides highlight some of the key themes that are threaded throughout the program, enabling the festival-goer to experience the new waves of culture that are hitting shores both in the Bay and beyond.

Witness the work of a brash generation of women artists in ABOVE THE LINE; get an international perspective of some of the most provocative contemporary directors with AGENT/ADVOCATE; delve into the world of artistic re-interpretation in NEW CUTS, and witness how changes in China and Korea are felt around the globe. By making connections that go beyond runtime and genre, these journeys encourage an exploration of the festival—and the world—that crosses formats, platforms and cultures.


  1. Above The Line: Women in Media

    Media craves the unique voice, and in this slate of female-backed projects the creative vision is clearly driven by women. From filmmakers to actresses, musicians to chefs, ABOVE THE LINE showcases the new wave of women succeeding across all spectra.

  2. Agent/Advocate: Brave Creators

    Our AGENT/ADVOCATE section highlights a select crop of visionaries who dare to tap into the most controversial and sensitive issues of our time. More than merely seeking provocation, these artists push their audiences to question troubling political, economic and cultural realities.  

  3. Beyond Boundaries: On the Anniversary of the Armistice

    Unknown or forgotten by most Americans, the Korean War divided a people with several millenniums of shared history. Utilizing the documentary Memory of Forgotten War as a launching point, BEYOND BOUNDARIES explores the societal repercussions and cinematic incarnations of the Korean War.

  4. Economies of Power: Examining Present-Day China

    Few topics spark more interest and inquiry as the rising economic power of China. In this intriguing selection, filmmakers provide a human face and layered narratives to the story of Chinese, Americans and Chinese Americans. From the divergent fates of young Chinese women (The Mosuo Sisters) to the real-life test of enjoying an American lifestyle […]

  5. New Cuts: Creative Adaptations

    These programs embody the ever-evolving practice of creative adaptation. Whether turning contemporary literary masterworks or legendary folk tales into films, charting how a popular anime figure is reshaped through the years, discovering new flavors in traditional dishes, or remixing old soul and hip-hop into modern sounds, these events will open your eyes to the possibilities—and […]