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Shorts / 86 mins



We live through our bodies every day. Follow these shorts as they explore how flesh and bone can work as the instruments for justice, survival, memory, isolation, personal triumph, community and self-knowledge. – Curated by Geraldine Ah-Sue

Co-presented by: Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI)

In This Program

  1. Bigger They Come

    Patricio Ginelsa / USA / 2012 / Music Video, Narrative Fiction, Short / 8 mins
    Female fighter Jynx must avenge her grandfather’s death by defeating an array of opponents, yo-yo in hand. Native Elements sets the beat.

  2. BollywoodInvasion

    Bollywood Invasion

    Shaan Dasani / USA / 2012 / Short / 19 mins
    In this fun and colorful short, an awkward college student must learn how to dance to overcome self-doubt and win the affection of another.

  3. Dilli-Dreams

    Dilli Dreams

    Etienne Sievers / Germany, India / 2012 / Short / 9 mins
    In this visually poetic piece, an older city dweller reflects on his youth in the country.

  4. Inside Our Hearts

    John Liau / USA / 2010 / Documentary, Short / 3 mins
    The Carters share their inspirational story of overcoming discrimination and disability in order to create a better future for their child.

  5. Judy


    Timothy Gee / USA / 2012 / Documentary, Short / 4 mins
    Having left her home and moved to San Francisco, an elderly woman finds community and fulfillment in synchronized line dancing.

  6. NoLongerThere

    No Longer There

    Nobuyuki Miyake / Japan / 2012 / Short / 23 mins
    Visible both when our bodies are alive and dead, teeth transcend the show-and-tell of time. Here, a young man experiences emotional connection in his fantasy life as he is tasked with creating dentures for a young woman.

  7. SecretsofMongolianArchers

    Secrets of the Mongolian Archers

    Lucy Walker / Mongolia, USA / 2012 / Documentary / 13 mins
    With the Olympics approaching quickly, Mongolia's archery team prepares for battle in Lucy Walker's (SFIAAFF '12, The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom) newest documentary.

  8. Tule Lake

    Michelle Ikemoto / USA / 2012 / Animation, Short / 7 mins
    A mother's unyielding love is tested during the cold of night in this stunning animation about perseverance.

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