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Shorts / 92 mins



This one is for the eager beggar. The regretful thug. The plus-sized backup dancer, and the refugee brimming with heart. Take a second glance, for you have met them before. This program follows the stories of envelope pushing outcasts: the deviants, outsiders and iconoclasts who force us to question one another and ourselves. – Curated by Elizabeth Cabrera, Kyle Casey Chu

Co-presented by: SF Indie Fest

In This Program

  1. The-Anti-versary


    Aaron Au / Canada / 2012 / Narrative Fiction, Short / 7 mins
    Things sour at a friends’ ritual gathering when a widower honors the anniversary of his loved one.

  2. BanzaiRising

    Banzai Rising

    Pedro Gomez / China / 2012 / Documentary, Short / 15 mins
    Mexican American director Pedro Gomez moves to China and finds he has a lot in common with the denizens of the growing subculture of skateboarding in Shanghai.

  3. Born to Dance this Way

    Jerell Rosales / USA / 2012 / Narrative Fiction, Short / 12 mins
    The fierce, fabulous Joo Si arrives in Los Angeles with a single goal to be a dancer. He auditions for the opportunity of a lifetime, to be a principal backup dancer for a sexy female pop sensation. As the tale unfolds, so does his struggle with masculinity and with society’s expectations of him as a flamboyant, feminine—and overweight—male dancer.

  4. Dawn


    Leon Le / USA / 2012 / Short / 10 mins
    While riding home on public transit, Tye interprets racism from another passenger’s glance, and decides to follow and confront him. But in the outcome of this unpredictable standoff, all assumptions are shattered, and the parties realize they share something big in common.

  5. Footsteps

    Thomas Hyungkyun Kim / South Korea / 2012 / 23 mins
    It’s all fun and games when a group of North Korean schoolboys dares a social outcast to cross a beach under the nose of an armed guard. As the tide rolls in, however, this dare quickly turns into a diplomatic dispute.

  6. Little Mao

    Allan Tong / Canada / 2012 / Narrative Fiction, Short / 7 mins
    After a pop fly, a twelve-year-old baseball novice is suddenly transformed into Chairman Mao.

  7. Shaya

    Amir Noorani / USA / 2012 / Short / 18 mins
    A Pakistani family is swept from the terrifying wilderness of war to the streets of Los Angeles. Adversity strikes as the head of the household is left to navigate the customs and culture of this new country.

Dates & Times


Sundance Kabuki Cinemas
March 17, 2013 12:15 pm Buy Tickets Buy Tickets


New People
March 18, 2013 8:30 pm Buy Tickets Buy Tickets