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CAAMFest 2013

Screenings at Rush

Never say “Sold Out” at CAAMFest! Rush Line definition and policy:

Last-minute tickets—rush tickets—may be available just before showtime when advance tickets have sold out. A rush line will form outside the venue usually one hour before showtime. Approximately ten minutes prior to the screening, empty seats are counted and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis to those in line. Rush tickets will only be sold to those actually waiting in line.  6 Pack Vouchers valid in Rush Line for regularly-priced screenings.

Linsanity (Film & Party)
3/14, 7 pm , Castro Theater

Nice Girls Crew 2
3/16,  8 pm, Sundance Kabuki

3/22, 8 pm, New People

3/17, 7:10 PM, Sundance Kabuki

Seeking Asian Female
3/23, 5 pm, New People
3/20, 6:30pm, Sundance Kabuki

Go Grandriders
3/15, 7pm, Sundance Kabuk
(1 more show)

Someone I Used to Know
3/15, 9:15 pm, New People
(2 more shows)

Memory of Forgotten War
3/18 6:30pm, New People

Comrade Kim Goes Flying
3/16 5:45pm, Sundance Kabuki

Memories to Light (Closing Night)
3/24,  5:00pm New People

Monkey King: Uproar in Heaven 3D
3/20, 7:00pm Sundance Kabuki

Xmas Without China
3/24, 7:30pm, New People