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A Day At the Beach

Directed by Lamesa Nashrat

The shore vanishes, but worries and hardship do not. On a visit to the coastline, a woman enlists the help of Siri and Jeff Bezos to contemplate the futility of her life. Grappling with ideas on the personal and robotic—the omniscient and the ignorant—the honest and the unfaithful—the woman must decide between determining her own meaning or relinquishing herself to cynicism. A Day at the Beach presents a speculative timeline of the future, skillfully centering memory, development, and contemplation amidst globalization.

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Sometimes our most intimate stories drift beyond casual understandings of time, transcending into something more. Like ocean waves, they ebb and flow through our daily lives arising in objects and spaces which remind us where we came from. These filmmakers tap into those tides of experience, pushing the boundaries on storytelling by rethinking, remixing, and removing the limits of genre and structure.