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Sometimes our most intimate stories drift beyond casual understandings of time, transcending into something more. Like ocean waves, they ebb and flow through our daily lives arising in objects and spaces which remind us where we came from. These filmmakers tap into those tides of experience, pushing the boundaries on storytelling by rethinking, remixing, and removing the limits of genre and structure.

CAAMFest on Demand

Please purchase a ticket for our CAAMFest On Demand programs. Ticket buyers will receive a code to access the virtual screening. More instructions to view are on our CAAMFest On Demand FAQs.

Virtual programs are available for purchase and may be viewed between May 12 – 22nd, 2022 but viewers will have a 24 hour window to watch the program once you hit “play.”

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In this program

Dear Nanay

Directed by Frances Grace Mortel

A love letter to her grandmother, this experimental documentary explores the filmmaker’s early memories in the Philippines and her search for refuge from pandemic anxiety and domestic claustrophobia.

A Day At the Beach

Directed by Lamesa Nashrat

Through Google searches and environmental observation, a woman must explore existence with the help of Jeff Bezos and Siri—otherwise, the pressures of capitalism and climate change will stifle her.

Ever Wanting (For Margeret Chung)

Directed by TT Takemoto

Plunging into the euphoria and despair of her profession and personal life, the first female Chinese American doctor balances her aspirations in the medical field, steadily growing celebrity, and queer flights of fancy.

Thank You, Come Again

After the trigger of a hate crime, an undocumented Indian American convenience store clerk comes crashing into his subconscious as he grieves the passing of his father during an attempted border crossing.

Empire of my Melodious Mind

Directed by Jeanette Louie

In the space of a moment, inside a cabinet, perception embarks on an epic journey through the terrain of memories that form the identity of an American born Asian.


Directed by Heather Muriel Nguyen, Jake Villadoid

Thơ ventures into romance as a Vietnamese-American panromantic asexual/ace looking for acceptance and respect.

How Small!

Directed by Charlene Xu

A young woman reminisces about her deceased grandmother through unspoken gestures and surreal visual metaphors.