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Coming Out with the Help of a Time Machine

Directed by Naman Gupta

Cast: Karan Soni, Sangeeta Agrawal, Raghuram Shetty

Sid plans to come out to his conservative, community-oriented parents at a local diner. If anything goes wrong, Sid could lose the support of the people who matter to him most. Luckily, he has the power of time travel on his side—and he’ll do everything in his power to emerge from this encounter unscathed. Coming Out With the Help of a Time Machine gives a heartfelt sci-fi twist to tales about family dynamics and acceptance.

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Spectral Drivers

Phantoms of the shameful past—of the unsteady future—of things gone unsaid—manifest in different ways. Whether they come from unspoken traumas, high aspirations, community pressures, or inhibiting grief, the specters in these films represent the forces that inhibit us and the resilience that drives us forward.