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Spectral Drivers

Phantoms of the shameful past—of the unsteady future—of things gone unsaid—manifest in different ways. Whether they come from unspoken traumas, high aspirations, community pressures, or inhibiting grief, the specters in these films represent the forces that inhibit us and the resilience that drives us forward.

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In this program


Directed by Daichi Amano

An empathetic, though troubled online content moderator endangers her well-being as she becomes engrossed with her most horrific assignments.

Coming Out with the Help of a Time Machine

Directed by Naman Gupta

After an attempt at coming out to his parents ends in disaster, a young gay man travels back in time to restart the catastrophic conversation.


Directed by Abhichoke Chandrasen

A debilitatingly perfectionist scoring assistant is tasked with writing the score of a Thai horror movie—but one wrong choice could summon the anger of a malevolent spirit.

Don’t Worry About It

Directed by Melissa Kong

A young woman at an intensive therapy program for obsessive-compulsive disorder struggles with the aftermath of her father’s death—as well as eating cookies off toilet seats.