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Directed by Daichi Amano

Cast: Ayaka Onishi, Ryuju Kobayashi, Takashi Yashiro, Kokone Sasaki, Yuika Kodera

Struggling to find work and entrenched in a personal health crisis, a former middle school teacher accepts a position as an online content moderator. She is faced daily with death, violence, and abuse—and reminders of unspeakable past traumas. As she becomes absorbed in her work, she endangers her stability, relationships, and psyche. Pain of the Anonymous explores how dehumanization and sympathy clash in a world numb to the plight of its people.

Plays in

Spectral Drivers

Phantoms of the shameful past—of the unsteady future—of things gone unsaid—manifest in different ways. Whether they come from unspoken traumas, high aspirations, community pressures, or inhibiting grief, the specters in these films represent the forces that inhibit us and the resilience that drives us forward.