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Thank You, Come Again

Cast: Nirav Bhakta, Asit Vyas, Rohan Singh, Ruben Barela, Talon Patrick Warburton, Thomas Luther Fairell

In a post 9/11 world, Dharmesh, an undocumented Indian American immigrant stands in front of a racial slur graffitied on the store front of his family’s convenience store. Trapped within the confines of his late family’s American dream, he comes crashing through shades of grief into his subconscious, between reality, memory and imagination, until reaching the acceptance of his father’s demise from an attempted border crossing.

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Sometimes our most intimate stories drift beyond casual understandings of time, transcending into something more. Like ocean waves, they ebb and flow through our daily lives arising in objects and spaces which remind us where we came from. These filmmakers tap into those tides of experience, pushing the boundaries on storytelling by rethinking, remixing, and removing the limits of genre and structure.