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Directed by Heather Muriel Nguyen, Jake Villadoid

Cast: Heather Muriel Nguyen, Malik Tyler, Michelle Mao, Zedakiah Koterba

As Thơ ventures into romance as a Vietnamese-American panromantic asexual/ace, her boyfriend Dylan pressures her to be both sexual and straight, insisting that sex is love and that he’s worthless without it. When she begins a new relationship with the more emotionally-detached Leo, she once again finds her asexuality to be an issue for her partner. But this time, Leo sees her asexuality as an obstacle to fulfilling her purpose as a woman. Questioning whether she’s actually who she thinks she is, Thơ is forced to be valued by them or fight for herself.

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Sometimes our most intimate stories drift beyond casual understandings of time, transcending into something more. Like ocean waves, they ebb and flow through our daily lives arising in objects and spaces which remind us where we came from. These filmmakers tap into those tides of experience, pushing the boundaries on storytelling by rethinking, remixing, and removing the limits of genre and structure.