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Seeking Asian Female: So Beautiful Panel

Special Presentations / 90 mins



A highly intimate story about an unconventional relationship, the feature-length documentary, Seeking Asian Female, uses the unique romance at its center to address larger issues such as the immigrant experience, cultural conflict, and what it means to love. Director Debbie Lum initially conceptualized the film as an exposé about men with “yellow fever”, but comes away with a surprisingly humanist view of a polarizing topic in mainstream culture.

Why do certain Western men desire Asian women – and why is this cultural phenomenon so polarizing in our community? This is the topic for discussion in this panel which offers a “sneak peek” of Lum’s new webisode series and online forum, They’re All So Beautiful. A panel of mediamakers including Phil Yu of Angry Asian Man and filmmaker and queer cinema scholar Professor Hoang Nguyen, moderated by Nicole Wong of Hyphen Magazine, will discuss these issues and much more. Come join the conversation for an engaging take and fresh insights on this enduring cultural phenomenon.

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Join us for the post-screening reception:

Saturday, March 23, 8:30-11:30pm
Wine Jar: 1870 Bush St.
Purpose: Meet and greet the filmmaker behind Seeking Asian Female after the panel at 7pm. Eat, drink and mingle with local community members!


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  1. Seeking Asian Female

    Debbie Lum / Documentaries / USA / 2012 / Bay Area Connection, Comedy, Culture, Women / 82 mins
    Steve, an aging white man with “yellow fever,” finds a young Chinese bride named Sandy through the Internet. The couple soon discovers that their dreams of a perfect love and life greatly contrast from their bitter reality. An honest, intimate documentary about culture, love, and the immigrant experience.

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