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Shorts / 89 mins



Whether pursuing success in media or simply desiring peace at home, the subjects of these films are faced with fulfilling an image of who they should be and how they should act. Featuring At Your Convenience, starring Randall Park. – Curated by Julie Hwang, Youngbin Kwon

Co-presented by: UCSF Multicultural Resource Center

In This Program

  1. Randall_Chubb

    At Your Convenience

    Raymond C. Lai / USA / 2011 / Animation, Narrative Fiction, Short, Television / 22 mins
    At a neighborhood convenience store run by two best friends, everything is twisted. Starring Randall Park and Dwayne Perkins, this unusual sitcom (originally produced as a TV pilot) plays with stereotypes and more, all in front of remarkable CGI environments.

  2. MoreThanAFace

    More than a Face in the Crowd

    Samantha Chan / USA / 2013 / Documentary, Short / 25 mins
    When Harry Met Sally and The Birds: these two films seem unrelated, but they have one thing in common: actress Jane Chung, filmmaker Samantha Chan’s 100-year-old great-aunt. In this witty, curious, and warm-hearted personal journey, Chan explores her aunt’s life and career in more than fifty films and TV series.

  3. MotherAndChild

    Mother and Child

    Jocelyn Saddi-Lenhardt / USA / 2012 / 5 mins
    Successfully building a life with her young son in the United States, a Filipina woman must reorganize everything to prepare for the return of her traditional husband. Short, precise and poignant, this film masterfully demonstrates the facades that people build in everyday life.

  4. OrDie

    …Or Die

    Gregory Bonsignore, John Petaja / USA / 2012 / Comedy / 14 mins
    What happens when three brown men pitch their own funny idea to a show producer? What price must they pay to achieve YouTube success? Sarcastically hilarious but at the same time darkly sad, ...OR DIE is based on real events.

  5. ScreamingInAsian

    Screaming in Asian

    Joyce Wu / USA / 2013 / Short / 10 mins
    Facing rude casting agents and indifferent friends, aspiring actress Sophie is plagued with indignities and misfortunes until she finally breaks down. Teeming with frustration and painful truths, Screaming in Asian is still darkly funny.

  6. TaiwanFamous_Final


    Sarah Tadayon, David Frazier / Taiwan / 2012 / Documentary, Short / 13 mins
    After a chance appearance on a popular Taiwanese talk show, Chinese-Iranian-American actress Sarah Tadayon decides to pursue her dreams in Asia. This personal, fascinating story reveals that leaving Hollywood does not mean escaping typecasting and stereotypical ideals of beauty.

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