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CAAMFest 2014



The CAAMFest 6 Pack is a ticket package deal that allows you to get 6 regularly-priced ($12) tickets for the price of 5.

The 6 Pack is not valid for special events, so you will not be able to use it towards the Opening Night Presentation of HOW TO FIGHT IN SIX INCH HEELS, the Centerpiece presentations of AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY or COLD EYES, or any of the Directions in Sound events.  To read more about which screenings are special events, visit our Box Office & Ticketing page.

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How do I use the 6 Pack?

The 6 Pack is created upon purchase.  Once you have purchased the 6 Pack, a unique number is created which you can then use to sign in online and select tickets.  With the 6 Pack, you are pre-purchasing 6 regularly-priced tickets at the rate of $10 per ticket instead of $12.  The screenings are not pre-assigned so after purchase, you select them.  Basically, you are using your 6 Pack to “pay” for tickets, so, once signed into the 6 Pack, you follow the same steps you would if you were purchasing with a credit card, including finalizing the transaction.  The 6 Pack is not a physical voucher or series of vouchers, but a number attached to your customer record.

How do I find my 6 Pack number?  

You can find your 6 Pack number on the confirmation email you receive instantly after purchase:


I just purchased a 6 Pack, but am still being charged for tickets.

Make sure that you are signed into your 6 Pack.  To do so, return to the festival website and click the “buy tickets” url assigned to any film.  In the window that appears, you will either see sign out (followed by your name) or sign in in the right hand corner.  Click on whichever it says.  This will bring you to a sign in prompt.  Select the box labelled “Are you a member? Sign in here” and enter your 6 Pack number in the field that appears.

Do I need to select all 6 tickets at once?

No, you can select tickets at your own pace, whether it be 1 or 2 at a time or all in one fell swoop.

Can I select tickets in person?

Yes, you may select tickets at our Sundance Kabuki Cinema box office starting on February 27th.  Please refer to our Box Office and Ticketing page for box office hours of operation.

Can I get multiple tickets for 1 show?

Yes, you may select tickets in any permutation you choose, be it 6 tickets to 1 screening, 1 ticket for 6 screenings, or 2 tickets to 3 screenings.

How can I gift a 6 Pack to a movie-mad friend?

After you have added a 6 Pack to your cart and created or signed into a customer profile, you will be given the option to change the name associated with the 6 Pack:

Click the blue “change” button and enter the information for the recipient.  After you have finished the transaction, the 6 Pack will be registered in the recipient’s name.