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CAAMFest 2014


Your contribution to CAAM is a meaningful investment in assuring that CAAM continues to showcase thought-provoking and compelling Asian American stories that illustrate the depth and complexity of the Asian American experience. Your donation will help assure that Asian American stories are told and that our voices are heard. We offer a variety of ways for you to donate. Choose the method that works best for you.



Join us today  and receive the benefits of being a CAAM member, including exclusive access to and discounts at CAAMFest (formerly San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival), invitations to members-only events and screenings throughout the year and connection with our large family of artists, community members, and partners.


Individual Contribution

We welcome donations of all types and sizes. Your individual contribution is 100% tax-deductible. Donate now through our safe and secure page on Network for Good.



Corporate sponsorship of CAAMFest (formerly the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival) provides companies a unique and cost-effective way to reach the enthusiastic and diverse communities we serve. Leading companies like Comcast, Exobi, Macy’s and Toyota partner with CAAM because they share the excitement of the thriving Asian American market and the power of the moving image. For details,  visit our Sponsorship page.

Employer Matching Gifts

Increase the impact of your donation through an employee matching gift program. Talk with your Human Resources or Payroll Department to see how your employer can match your charitable donation. Be sure to include the Center for Asian American Media on your list of eligible charities.


Stock Gifts

Publicly traded stocks, bonds and mutual fund shares are a convenient way to support CAAM and receive a tax deduction based on the fair market value of the shares at the time of the gift. For more information on how you can donate, please call (415) 863-0814 ext. 104.

CAAM in Your Estate Plan

You can continue to support CAAM through the form of a bequest in your will. Making a bequest to charity may lower your federal estate taxes and fees. You can specify that the remainder of your estate (after your family and friends are provided for) goes to charity, or you can specify that a charity receive a pre-determined percentage of the remainder or a fixed gift.


Your contribution directly supports the following programs:


  • Our CAAMFest (formerly the San Francisc International Asian American Film Festival) is the largest and most prestigious showcase of Asian and Asian American films in North America. Your donation assures that the Festival continues to be an important launching point for Asian and Asian American independent film and media makers.
  • Our innovative Digital and Interactive Media Program creates socially relevant content and online games and resources such as HAPAS.US and Filipino or Not? Your donation enables us to continue to lead in the new media field.
  • Our Video Distribution program provides schools and educators across the nation with vital curriculum about Asian American history and thought provoking stories about contemporary life and culture. Your donation supports the longevity of this important educational resource.
  • Our Filmmaker Resources provides funding, mentoring and expert advice to Asian American film and media makers. From established to emerging, your donation supports the life cycle of a film at every stage.


Volunteers and interns are a vital part of our annual CAAMFest in March, year-round special events and programs. If you have time or a particular talent to contribute, please contact us.  CAAMFest volunteer applications are accepted in late-January and early February and orientations are held in mid-February. To apply, visit our Volunteer page . For year-round internship positions, visit our Job Opportunities page.



To find out how you can make a difference today, contact:

Debbie Ng, Development and Communications Director

dng [at] caamedia [dot] org

(415) 863-0814 ext.104