Cold Eyes

Directed by Jo Ui-seok & Kim Byung-seo

GALA PRESENTATIONS / South Korea / 2013 / Drama, Narrative / 118 mins / Korean with English subtitles


Rule One: All missions begin and end with surveillance.

Ha Yoon-joo is the newest recruit in an elite police unit specializing in the subtle art of surveillance. Her first mission is to track down the ruthless leader and organization responsible for a series of bold, explosive robberies. A remake of Hong Kong’s EYE IN THE SKY, COLD EYES moves through the streets of Seoul capturing the intensity and intricacy of tracking high-profile criminals.

Directed by Jo Ui-seok (THE WORLD OF SILENCE) and Kim Byung-seo, the crime thriller screened at the 2013 Busan Interntational Film Festival before becoming South Korea’s biggest hit of 2013. In honor of this year’s International Centerpiece, CAAMFest brings Director Jo Ui-seok and Producer Song Dae-chan from South Korea to the Castro Theatre for an evening of fast-paced action not to be missed.

Lin Kung

Guests In Attendance: Ui-seok Cho (Director) and Dae-chan Song (Producer)

Co-presented by Korean American Profession Society, San Francisco Film Society, and Korean Consulate


Producer: Woo taek Kim, Eugene Lee, Tae hun Lee, Stephen Ng
Actor: Woo-sung Jung, Kyung-gu Seol

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Dates & Times

Cold Eyes

Castro Theatre
March 16, 2014 9:20 pm
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