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The Haumana

Directed by Keo Woolford

NARRATIVE / U S A / 2013 / Feature, Narrative Fiction / 95 mins / English / Color / DVD / San Francisco Premiere



Titled after the Hawaiian word for “students,” THE HAUMANA is a stunning, insightful and layered drama about maintaining traditions — in this case, the art of hula. It is a compelling piece about boys transitioning into manhood and how those who teach are constantly learning along with their pupils. Tui Asau is Jonny Kealoha, the host of a struggling luau show on Waikiki. His life changes course after his former master hula teacher passes away, and he is pushed into her role teaching high school boys. With the Royal Hula Festival under way, both students and teacher must overcome opposition and cultural dissent from their peers and families.

THE HAUMANA received the Narrative Audience Award and Narrative Best First Feature Award at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and also won the Audience Award for Best Narrative at the Hawaii International Film Festival. Keo Woolford’s directorial and screenwriting feature-length debut richly weaves narrative and breathtaking island scenery with a mellow Hawaiian soundtrack.


Executive Producer: Keo Woolford, Sky Yim
Producer: Bernice Alama, Samuel Alama, James Barros, Mike Galmiche, George Hill, Caleb Lucero, Caleb Lucero, Caleb Lucero, Todd Tajiri, Keo Woolford, Sky Yim, Roni Yurong, Shannon Yurong
Writer: Keo Woolford
Cinematographer: Shawn Hiatt, Mark Morgan
Editor: Jimmy Sireno
Cast: Tui Asau, Cedric Jonathan, Tauarii Nahalea-Marama, JD Tanuvasa

Dates & Times

The Haumana

New Parkway
March 23, 2014 3:00 pm

The Haumana

Sundance Kabuki
March 16, 2014 9:30 pm