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Jazz In Love

France, Germany, Philippines / 2013 / 75 mins / English, Filipino, German / North America Premiere



A subtle though powerful political and cultural story hides behind a sweet romance as Jazz, a charming young Filipino, works to join his fiancé in Germany. JAZZ IN LOVE uses unobtrusive hand-held camera work to tell Jazz’s story, taking the viewer along for beautiful sunrises and urban cultural celebrations in Davao in the southern Philippines. Jazz and fiancé Theo struggle against culture, family and tradition as well as the thousands of miles that separate them.

Jazz must learn German well enough to pass the exam required for a fiancé visa, but the process seems to require much more than it does for heterosexual couples. Meanwhile, Theo is reluctant to give up his bachelorhood. As Jazz awaits Theo’s visit to the Philippines to ask for his hand in marriage, we are made privy to the judgments and gentle intolerance of Jazz’s family and community. Theo finally arrives to meet Jazz’s family and culture, but can they survive their differences?


Executive Producer: Tony Gloria, Baby Ruth Villarama
Producer: Chuck Gutierrez
Writer: Baby Ruth Villarama
Cinematographer: Dexter Dela Peña, Baby Ruth Villarama
Editor: Chuck Gutierrez
Sound: Albert Michael Idioma, Allen Roy Santos
Cast: Theodor Rutkowski, Ernesto Tigaldao Jr.

Dates & Times

Jazz In Love

Sundance Kabuki
March 15, 2014 9:00 pm

Jazz In Love

March 21, 2014 7:00 pm