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DOCUMENTARY / USA / 2013 / Documentary / 61 mins / English, Tagalog w/ subtitles / Blu Ray, DCP, Digibeta, DVD, HDCAM* / World Premiere



Adorned with eccentrically customized designs and always splashed in bright colors, the jeepney is iconic in Philippine culture. Much of the country’s residents opt to ride in these independently operated military jeeps used in the World War II days to take them from place to place. For jeepney drivers, the job pays little for six-day work weeks and 16-hour work days, even more so in the midst of political protest against the overpricing of oil.

Using lush imagery and showcasing endearing subjects, Esy Casey’s documentary touches on the history of the jeepney and the present struggles of all those involved in a changing industry — drivers, craftsmen, artists and passengers alike. From the car factory and the artist’s workshop to the driver’s route and all the way home, JEEPNEY not only contains heartfelt human anecdotes, but also provides fascinating insight into the politics and economics of the Philippines’ transportation division. A humbling film, JEEPNEY gives a thorough and engaging profile of these timeless vehicles and the people giving them life.


Executive Producer: Carolyn Chu
Producer: Esy Casey, Sarah Friedland
Cinematographer: Esy Casey
Editor: Esy Casey, Sarah Friedland
Sound: Sarah Friedland
Cast: Gerald Advincula, Kawayan De Guia, Gerry Diano, Ed Sarao

Dates & Times


Sundance Kabuki
March 14, 2014 7:30 pm


New People Cinema
March 20, 2014 6:30 pm