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Karaoke Girl

NARRATIVE / Thailand / 2013 / 77 mins / Thai w/ subtitles / Color


Sa Sittijun sings in the karaoke clubs of Thailand, opening the film with a teary ballad. Born to hard-scrabbling farmer parents in rural Thailand, Sa is devalued from the moment of her birth, living on the downside of gender and class social hierarchies.

In this inviting film that’s part-documentary, part-fictionalized account of her story, we follow Sa as she makes her way to Bangkok to find work. Poverty and desire tangle to create intractable situations that leave her suffering — from breaking eggs in a cake factory to throwing herself in the arms of strangers trying to find love. Yet, there is a charming hope for Sa to emerge from this hidden life as a survivor and heroine.

“Only your tonight, not your forever … How does a karaoke girl find love?” A touching question, sure to stir compassion.


Executive Producer: Pornamanus Rattanavich, Sandi Sissel
Producer: Pornamanus Rattanavich, Pran Tadaveerawat
Cinematographer: Chananun Chotrurngroj, Sandi Sissel
Editor: Perry Blackshear, Saranee Wongpan
Music: Koichi Shimizu
Cast: Supavich Mepremwattana, Sa Sittijun, The Sittijun Family

Dates & Times

Karaoke Girl

New People Cinema
March 14, 2014 9:30 pm

Karaoke Girl

March 19, 2014 9:00 pm