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DOCUMENTARY / USA / 2014 / Documentary / 657 mins / English / World Premiere


Rea Tajiri, critically acclaimed director of HISTORY AND MEMORY: FOR AKIKO AND TAKASHIGE (SFIAAFF ’91) and STRAWBERRY FIELDS (SFIAAFF ’98), opens her new film with a question: What does it mean to own land? With the purchase of her house in Lordville, NY, Tajiri sets out to understand our relationship to land, but does so through her distinct skill in pushing film language. Dziga Vertov, believing in cinema’s potential to revolutionize our perception and relationship to the world, wrote in his infamous 1922 manifesto: “We believe that the time is at hand when we shall be able to hurl into space the hurricanes of movement, reined in by our tactical lassoes.” Through anecdotes from residents, an environmental scientist and a Native American genealogist, LORDVILLE reins in stories of the everyday — powerful floods, ancestral secrets and colonial violence — to probe the material and immaterial traces of a town’s history. This compels us into an act of listening and sensing that orients us toward the land that we have settled our being upon.


Producer: Sian Evans, Ellen Knechel, Rea Tajiri
Cinematographer: Gordon Eriksen, Brandon Watz
Editor: Catherine Hollander, Paul Alexander Juutilainen
Sound: Ellen Knechel, Nathan Ruyle, Peng Wan
Cast: Callie Brunelli, Constantine Kuzminsky, Sheila Spencer-Stover, Tom Wessels

Dates & Times


March 15, 2014 4:45 pm


Sundance Kabuki
March 16, 2014 7:10 pm