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The Way We Dance

Hong Kong / 2013 / 110 mins / Cantonese / Color / San Francisco Premiere


Filled with funk, style and fun, THE WAY WE DANCE dives into the Hong Kong hip-hop dance scene via the charming eyes of Fleur (Cherry Ngan). While spending her days working at her family’s tofu shop, she daydreams about her own colorful, pop-and-lockin’ dance world. When she gets accepted to college, she immediately flocks to her school’s hip-hop dance team, BombA. They immediately take to her talent, and she quickly becomes the team’s “supernova.” Obstacles arise when preparing to do battle with their rivals, the Rooftoppers. Teammates start to doubt her ability, and a love triangle develops between Fleur, her dreamy teammate and a quirky tai chi instructor.

Up-and-coming director Adam Wong (WHEN BECKHAM MET OWEN, MAGIC BOY) delivers a high-energy dance film that keeps in the spirit of American films like STEP UP and YOU GOT SERVED. With mind-blowing dance sequences courtesy of influential Hong Kong choreographer Shing Mak, you’ll definitely want to jump in on the epic dance battle finale.


Executive Producer: Winnie Tsang
Producer: Saville Chan, Wong Yat Ping
Writer: Saville Chan, Chan Tai Lee, Sau Ping Adam Wong
Cinematographer: Cheng Siu Keung
Editor: Kevin Chan, Sau Ping Adam Wong
Cast: Babyjohn Choi, Tommy “Guns” Ly, Cherry Ngan, Lokman Yeung

Dates & Times

The Way We Dance

Sundance Kabuki
March 14, 2014 9:20 pm

The Way We Dance

March 16, 2014 8:20 pm