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White Powder (OUTV)

White Powder and Neon Lights

SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS / Hong Kong / 1947 / 94 mins / Cantonese w/ subtitles / B&W / DVD / San Francisco Premiere



WHITE POWDER AND NEON LIGHTS is a Chinese American take on the age-old theatrical chestnut of “putting on a show.” Determined to start their own Cantonese opera company, a group of young Chinese actors in San Francisco hire Miss Ha (Leung Bik-Yuk), a famous opera singer from China. Complications arise as she is spotted and courted by wealthy businessman Mister Sek (Tang Pui). But his intentions are considerably less than honorable. As a result of her constant absences, the opera company’s business suffers. Who will save the operahouse? How will the tensions be released? The finale, featuring a fresh new twist on a traditional opera song, is especially spectacular.

Dates & Times

White Powder (OUTV)

The Great Star
March 18, 2014 9:00 pm