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You and the Nite


From the adorably delectable to the grim and gritty, this collection of Canadian animation is a vast array of imaginative films, some a far cry from your childhood Saturday morning cartoons. These creative media makers bring to life visual tales that are altogether whimsical, unique and surprisingly truthful.

Laura Priscilla Paule

In This Program

  1. Concubine_59148_05

    The Banquet of the Concubine

    Hefang Wei / Canada / 2013 / Animation / 13 mins
    During a night of celebration, the Emperor’s favorite concubine awaits her beloved Emperor, only to come across a painful discovery. Using traditional Chinese visual styles, THE BANQUET OF THE CONCUBINE visualizes a timeless, but still powerful, tale of a woman scorned.

  2. BigTrees_59247_07-e1391917598384-1024x537

    Big Trees

    Ann Marie Fleming / Canada / 2013 / Animation, Comedy, Experimental / 13 mins
    Part animation, part live-action, part modern musical. This whimsically funky short blends different genres and mediums to show a woman’s relentless desire for the perfect apartment view, and perhaps, finally, a perfect life. With the help of an Australian arborist and a few songs, she may just get her way.

  3. pl01_00084

    The Bridge Chronicles

    Hefang Wei / Canada / 2013 / Animation / 4 mins
    Qiao-Yu is a guardian of a bridge over the Yangtze River, watching over and stopping those who come to jump over the bridge. In this poignant and haunting animated short, Qiao-Yu dedicates himself to saving those who are lost in an attempt to preserve the value of human life.

  4. Crime The Animated Series

    Crime: The Animated Series

    Alix Lambert & Sam Chou / Canada / 2013 / Animation / 20 mins
    CRIME: THE ANIMATED SERIES is a gritty, raw, disturbing animated documentary of real-life accounts, narrated by everyday people who know all too well the violent struggles of street life and crime. Make no mistake, these cartoon tales are as spine-tingling as any thriller.

  5. insertcredit copy

    Insert Credit

    David Nguyen / Canada / 2013 / Animation, Gay/Lesbian / 7 mins
    Life sometimes seems like a game where nobody wins. In this case, life plays like an old-school arcade game rife with obstacles, heartbreak and friendly new players as the main character attempts to “level up” from childhood to manhood. This nostalgic and self-reflective short re-imagines a relatable coming-of-age story.

  6. itch


    Su-An Ng / Canada / 2013 / Animation, Experimental / 2 mins
    With clay that moves like wind on grass, makes waves on the ocean, and crawls like worms, Itch scratches deep. This is claymation that is abstract and visually fascinating like you haven't quite seen before.

  7. Ramen Party

    Ramen Party

    Lillian Chan / Canada / 2013 / Animation, Comedy, Family / 3 mins
    Mr. Ramen and friends invite you to dance your way over to RAMEN PARTY! Adorably upbeat, this children’s music video will excite both the kid and foodie in everyone. Bring your dancing shoes and your chopsticks.

  8. RFR_1_500k

    Requiem for Romance

    Jonathan Ng / Canada / 2013 / Animation, Romance / 7 mins
    Elegantly illustrated, REQUIEM FOR ROMANCE is narrated by a couple on the rocks as their conversation is re-created with two martial artists in ancient China. This visually striking short shows the complex ups and downs of their relationship, every kick as real and powerful as in any modern romance.

  9. reverie_exe1


    Wen Zhang / Canada / 2013 / Animation, Experimental / 2 mins
    Technology, music and dance collide in this motion-capture-shot short. It all results in a colorfully pixelated union of machines and human form.

  10. A Time Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

    A Time Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

    Leslie Supnet / Canada / 2013 / Animation / 3 mins
    Every once in a while, we all have those sleepless nights, haunted by endless thoughts. Before you know it, it’s time to get up and go about your day. Poor protagonist Norman reflects exactly on that mundane, and ultimately annoying, experience of daily life.

  11. Jeff Chiba Stearns1

    Yellow Sticky Notes/Canadian Anijam

    Jeff Chiba Stearns / Canada / 2013 / Animation, Family / 8 mins
    Everyone uses sticky notes, but not quite like this. Some of Canada’s best animators write their usual to-do lists on a series of sticky notes, illustrating their daily lives and revealing their extraordinary imaginations.

  12. You and the Nite

    You & The Nite

    Howie Shia / Canada / 2012 / Animation, Independent, Music Video / 4 mins
    Canadian animators Howie Shia, Lillian Chan and John Poon collaborate with rapper LEO37 in this music video, illuminating the wonders that are revealed under the cover of darkness.

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