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CAAMFest 2014

CAAMFest 2014 Spotlight Honoree: Grace Lee

Posted March 7th, 2014 by lkristipati in Filmmaker Spotlights

To CAAM audiences, Grace Lee needs little introduction. A dedicated filmmaker and story teller, Lee has been highlighted by CAAM several times over the course of her career.

There was THE GRACE LEE PROJECT (2005), where Lee sought out and interviewed several girls and women who share her name (“Grace Lee” is perhaps the Asian American equivalent to “Jane Smith”). A clever informal exposition of stereotypes and Asian American identity, the film introduces us to Grace Lee Boggs, the fiery Detroit-based activist (and subject of Lee’s newest film… but more on that later) and a voodoo-doll-making teenage goth among many, many others — each carrying a multitude of differing personalities and dispositions, either fitting the stereotype or rejecting it completely.

And before that, there was AMERICAN ZOMBIE (2007) — a hilariously brilliant mockumentary about the trials and tribulations of various zombies living in present day Los Angeles — their abilities categorized in three ways: as the typical non-sentient zombies of mainstream fame, as low-functioning zombies in menial jobs and as high-functioning zombies who seek the opportunity to blend into humanity — this last group working hard for zombie rights.

I mean after all, zombie identity is a serious matter.

It’s a social metaphor. And a damn good one at that.


Regardless of the project — fiction, documentary or a blend of both as seen in JANEANE FROM DES MOINES (2012) — Lee is a master storyteller through and through and her ability to create conversation and engage her audience along a series of platforms justifies all of the acclaim and recognition she has received and will continue to receive. She has a knack for exposing just enough social context for her audience to actually think beyond cinema and tap into understanding significance and thematic depth.

So it comes as no surprise that we would want to highlight her, her career, her stories and her future at CAAMFest 2014 as our Spotlight Honoree with these special presentations:


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In Conversation with Grace Lee : Join us for an intimate discussion of her work and vision and a conversation about her current and upcoming projects.
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AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY: THE EVOLUTION OF GRACE LEE BOGGS : A stunning nod back to THE GRACE LEE PROJECT, AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY delves deeper into the story of Grace Lee Boggs. A compelling and inspiring activist, philosopher and author, Boggs has been steadily adapting her revolutionary methodology to fit our rapidly advancing social atmosphere.

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