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CAAMFest 2016

CAAMFest in Japantown

March 19, 2016

Mele Murals

Beyond the serene coastlines that have made the Hawaiian Islands famous lies a deeper community connection amongst locals. Artists Estria Miyashiro and John Hina travel to the rural town of Waimea, HI, where they attempt to connect ancient Hawaiian traditions and graffiti with the youth of tomorrow.
12:10 pm
Not Available

1990 Institute: Youth Voices on China

Youth Voices on China is the 1990 Institute's signature contest, which fosters global awareness among young Americans. 2016 student submissions address the President on how to build more positive relations with China by sharing creative cultural exchange ideas. Hear stories of the next generation calling for change. CAAMFest is excited to welcome back this innovative program.
2:30 pm

Mad Tiger

Making its West Coast premiere, MAD TIGER chronicles the relationship between two bandmates, Peelander-Yellow and Peelander-Red, of the Japanese performance-art band Peelander-Z. When Red quits, their friendship is tested and both are catapulted into finding greater meaning in their lives through their art and relationship with each other.
5:00 pm
Not Available

Kampai: For The Love of Sake

Three sake connoisseurs — a British sake brewer, an American journalist and the president of a century-old Japanese sake brewery — seek to better understand the mechanics of the present-day sake industry. Filmmaker Mirai Konishi follows them as they also discover the underlying richness and complexity surrounding the Japanese cultural staple.

In The Room

Room 27, in a dilapidated Singaporean hotel, is a time capsule for six sensual and melancholy vignettes in Eric Khoo's IN THE ROOM - Singapore's first erotic film. There, several decades of illicit trysts and fantasies are realized, and love and its companion loss swing suspended over each heartbreaking encounter.
9:50 pm
Not Available

March 20, 2016

Sons of Halawa

Pilipo Solatorio is the last native Hawaiian from Halawa. He lives harmoniously with nature and attuned to the spirit of the land. The teachings of his ancestors are at risk of being lost unless he finds a successor to continue his traditions. Only through their roots will future generations flourish.
12:30 pm
At Rush

Muslim Youth Voices

Muslim youth in Philadelphia and Minneapolis create short film magic. In the second year of this signature CAAM program, they explore the universal truths of growing up. Acclaimed filmmaker Musa Syeed returns to help young people craft their unique stories that disintegrate the borders built on stereotypes.
3:00 pm

The Name of the Whale

Junior high student Yuta is assigned the task of excavating fossils as a summer school project. The contentment this assignment brings him is abruptly shattered when pieces of his everyday life begin to fall apart, and Yuta must soon find the balance between his old and new worlds.
5:00 pm
Not Available

The Kids

Bao-Li wants to do what's best for his wife, Jia-Jia, and their infant daughter. The difference between what he wants and what he has may prove too difficult for him to overcome. From director Yu Wei-shan, THE KIDS is a story of how love and sacrifice are often intertwined.
7:10 pm
Not Available