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CAAMFest 2016



The 6 Pack saves $9 on 6 Festival regularly-priced ($14) tickets. Treat yourself to a sampling of the CAAMFest experience, or round up a group for a one-of-a-kind night at the movies!

How to use the 6 Pack & How not to use the 6 Pack.

  • Purchase the 6-Pack first, then log in with it at your leisure to redeem 6 tickets in any permutation that you choose (e.g., 2 tickets to 3 films, 3 tickets to 2 films).
  • The 6 Pack is not valid for admission in and of itself; it must be redeemed in advance for tickets to specific screenings.
  • We recommend creating a customer record with a username and password when purchasing the 6 Pack, to simplify the login process. A unique 6 digit number is created instantly upon purchase that can also be used to log in with.
  • The 6 Pack can be redeemed online and in person at our Festival Box Offices at the Alamo Drafthouse, the Roxie Theatre, The New People Cinema, and the New Parkway.
  • The 6 Pack is not valid for special events, so you will not be able to use it towards the Opening Night Presentation of TYRUS, the Centerpiece presentations of A TALE OF THREE CITIES and DAZE OF JUSTICE, the Closing Night presentations of RIGHT FOOTED, or Directions in Sound: Korean Showcase, as well as select other events. To read more about which screenings are special events, visit our Box Office & Ticketing

6 Pack Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: How do I use the 6 Pack?

A: The 6 Pack is attached to your customer record instantly after purchase.  Log in with your username and password to access the 6 Pack tickets.  If you do not have a username and password, login with your 6 Pack number.

Once logged in, navigate to the screening you want to see and click “buy tickets”.  In the purchase window that appears, there will a price option “6 Pack Redemption”.  Select the quantity of tickets you want and add to cart.

After you are finished shopping, make sure that you are finalizing the transaction, even though you will not be entering any payment information.  You will receive a confirmation email after completing the transaction.

Q: I don’t have a username and password.  How do I sign in with my 6 Pack #?   

A: Follow these steps:

❏         Locate your 6 Pack number.  The 6 Pack number can be found on the confirmation email you receive after purchase, in the order detail section:


❏         Click on the button that says Have a 6 Pack or CAAM Member discount? Login here.  This button can be found on the right hand side of any of the pages on the Festival website.

❏         In the window that appears, click the button Are you a member? Sign in with your number here.

❏         Enter your 6 Pack number in the field that appears labeled Number. Click the Submit button.

❏         Fill in the required fields.  Click the ‘Create Account’ button.

Q: I just purchased a 6 Pack, but am still being charged for tickets.

A:  Make sure that you are logged into your 6 Pack.  When you are logged into your 6 Pack, you will see this account summary on the upper right hand side of the purchase window:


If you do not see “(Six Pack 2016 #xxxxxx)” next to your name, click sign out, and then sign back in.

Q: How can I gift a 6 Pack to a movie-mad friend?

A: After you have added a 6 Pack to your cart and created or signed into a customer profile, you will be given the option to change the name associated with the 6 Pack:


Click the blue Change button.  You will be prompted to enter the friend’s name and information.  After the finalizing the transaction, a confirmation email will be sent to you, which you can forward or otherwise bequeath to the friend.  The friend will need to log in with the 6 Pack number to redeem their 6 tickets.

Please contact the box office at or 415-552-5580 with any questions or concerns.