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CAAMFest 2016


SHORTS / 84 mins


Roxie Theatre
March 13, 2016 9:40 pm Not Available


Status updates hide the pain and, often, stupidity that is the search for love. This quest leads us through the most ridiculous, and possibly dangerous, situations. RELATIONSHIP STATUS: IT’S COMPLICATED explores the many ways that finding love today is much like the first human’s quest for fire — pretty insane.

— Mordecai Stayton

Co-presented by: SF IndieFest

In This Program

  1. Flip Flops

    Haolu Wang / SHORTS / China / 2015 / Narrative Fiction, Short / 16 mins
    Ana is fighting with Thomas. After a nap on the beach, she can't find him. What has happened to her boyfriend?

  2. Lovebites

    Andrew Chung / SHORTS / Canada / 2015 / Short / 12 mins
    Carolyn and Maddy are two against the world, literally. Escaping through a zombie-infested wilderness, their relationship frays.

  3. Mush

    Yoonhee Ye / SHORTS / USA / 2015 / Narrative Fiction, Short / 17 mins
    Andy is a cleaner. The guy who comes in after the police have left a crime scene. The one who cleans up the detritus of a life gone awry. He lives his life solo, until Lina comes along.

  4. One-minded

    Forest Ian Etsler & Sébastien Simon / SHORTS / Korea / 2014 / Comedy, Gay/Lesbian, Short / 20 mins
    A farce plays out in the apartment of two Korean women. Did you ever hear the one about the Lothario, the two burglars, and the fan?

  5. Pop

    Edwin Chang / SHORTS / USA / 2015 / Short / 3 mins
    What if you could change the course of your crush's life so that they never met their own true love?

  6. Tourists

    Shaun Seneviratne / SHORTS / USA / 2015 / Drama, interracial, mature, Relationship Drama, Romance, Short, Transnational / 15 mins
    What will happen to a young couple's relationship when she leaves and he stays?

  7. White Fetish

    Sean Dacanay / SHORTS / USA / 2014 / Narrative Fiction, Short / 4 mins
    "Say something in Midwestern!" This zany short turns the tables on white men with an Asian fetish.

Dates & Times


Roxie Theatre
March 13, 2016 9:40 pm Not Available