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BABYSPLITTERS takes the sharing economy to its conceptual extreme. Literally. To say Jeff Penaras (Danny Pudi, THE TIGER HUNTER, CAAMFest Opening Night 2017) has mixed feelings about fatherhood is an understatement. When he and wife Sarah (Emily Chang, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, GRASS, CAAMFest 2016) split the dinner tab with best friends Don and Taylor Small (Eddie Alfano and Maiara Walsh), the couples hatch a plan to spread the misery and share the love. What could go wrong? Everything, of course, in madcap, slapstick fashion that will have you in LOLZ paced more regularly than the strollers in suburbia.

BABYSPLITTERS sends up everything from startups to millennials to overindulgent parents to therapy sessions to Jeff’s living nightmare of kids gone wild ruining his freeze-clean designer jeans. Pudi, Chang, Walsh and Alfano deliver exceptional, relatable performances as a modern family in the making, buoyed by Sam Friedlander’s fast-paced script and direction, which goes from highjinx to high drama, with a generous portion of neurotic discomfort. Can you crowdsource and blockchain babies? Watch BABYSPLITTERS before you invest.                     – Ravi Chandra

Expected attendees: Sam Friedlander (Director), Danny Pudi (Actor) and Emily C. Chang (Actor) for Sat, May 11 screening.


Co-presented by Asia Society Young Professionals Group

Dates & Times


AMC Kabuki 8

Sat, May 11
9:00 pm

Piedmont Theatre

Wed, May 15
9:00 pm