Directed by Wen Ren

There is just over a minute before the sun disappears from existence. There is no warning. There is no plan. The government had no idea. What does a society dependent on solar power do when the sun is gone? As reclusive astronomer Sun Yang watches the world go dark, he is forced out of his comfort zone. His only friend, an AI smartwatch, has powered down for good, and his neighbor, Chen Mu, convinces him to travel with her. After all, she has a car when all other modes of transportation are down.

A reluctant Sun embarks on a journey with Chen and learns about himself while trying to figure out how to save humankind that is two fold. How does he find a way to perpetuate the future of humankind? — Lansia Wann


Co-presented by Asian Pacific Environmental NetworkSF Green Film Festival, SF Indie Fest

Dates & Times
AMC Kabuki 8

Fri, May 10
9:45 pm

AMC Kabuki 8

Sat, May 11
12:00 pm