Directed by Jalena Keane-Lee

PERIOD GIRL follows Nadya Okamoto, a 20 year-old Harvard sophomore who started the non-profit PERIOD Org, which distributes free menstrual supplies to homeless people across the country, as she opens up about some of the personal trauma that helps fuel her work.

Co-presented by: Consulate General of Canada



Directed by Marion Lipschutz, Rose Rosenblatt

Inside the criminal defense of Bei Bei Shuai, an Indiana resident charged with murder after attempting suicide while pregnant — she survived, but her baby died soon after birth. The surrounding legal and political twists, along with the humanizing portrait of Shuai, provide important context to the national debate over reproductive rights.

Dates & Times
New People Cinema

Fri, May 10
7:40 pm

AMC Kabuki 8

Tue, May 14
9:10 pm