It should be no surprise that our annual LGBTQ shorts program is overflowing with awe-inspiring and bold stories. As diverse and vibrant as the communities themselves, this latest crop of filmmakers dare to push queer stories into the future with tender films ranging from identity and love, to super meta comedies, to experimental.

Expected attendees: Kevin Yee (Director, ABOUT A SHORT FILM), Becca Park (Director, SPEAK EASY B), Lala Openi (Director, U), Tina Takemoto (Director, WAYWARD EMULSIONS), and Nick Neon (Director, ZERO ONE).

Co-presented by: API Equality – Northern California (APIENC)QWOCMAP, Trikone, Human Rights Campaign SF Bay Area

In this program


Directed by Kevin Yee

A gay Asian musical-comedian from Canada gets super meta in this short film about – wait for it – making a short film about a gay Asian musical-comedian from Canada.


Directed by Anna Mikami

Words are not needed when two couples have a run-in at a bed and breakfast inn, and glances and gestures indicate the history that is evidently there.


Directed by David Scala

Darren is struggling to propose to Elliott when the universe continues to seemingly sidetrack him. However, after being put in a very uncomfortable spotlight at the engagement party for Elliott’s sister, Darren starts to realize his unresolved insecurities about his sexuality might be what’s holding him back.


Directed by Becca Park, Jun Shimizu

How does one come to terms with depression? For B, it takes a trip deep in the mind for the struggles to be uncovered.


Directed by Lala Openi

A spoken word narrates the reflections Openi makes on the depths of the relationship between their lover and themself.


Directed by Tina Takemoto

From the fractals of a 35 mm film, glimpses of a wayward woman emerge.


Directed by Nick Neon

Zero One follows Jimmy Park through NYC for the last 24 hours of 2013. He’s visiting home for the first time in years and has nothing to show for his time living overseas in Seoul. But old tensions come to a head when he confronts his homophobic sister over a deeply, dysfunctional family dinner.

Dates & Times
AMC Kabuki 8

Mon, May 13
6:30 pm

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