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CAAMFest and GoldThread are pleased to bring you a selection of videos celebrating Chinese food and the people who make it. This line up is aimed at inspiring deeper thought about the food we eat, what we consider foreign, and how our lives are shaped by mom’s cooking. Gold Thread is a team of video makers and journalists based in Hong Kong. They are on a mission to cover China through stories of people, culture, and cuisine.

Insight into the formation of Panda Express, how China came to dominate the caviar market, and how a Hong Kong-born, Canadian-raised restaurateur reconnects with her roots are just some of what to expect from the episodes.

After the screening there will be a live panel featuring George Chen (China Live) and Bin Chen (Boba Guys), moderated by Grace Hwang Lynch. Grace is a freelance journalist, often writing about race, culture, and food. Her stories can be found on NPR, Public Radio International, NBC Asian America, Shondaland, and other outlets. For the last ten years, she’s also been blogging about mixed-race family life at

Co-presented by Contemporary Asian Theater Scene, EatDrinkFilmsKQED

Dates & Times


New People Cinema

Sat, May 11
12:10 pm