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How To Festival

Most programs during CAAMFest Online: Heritage at Home will be hosted directly on our festival website ( or on ZOOM. All programs on our festival website will include both the film screening and Q&A afterwards.

If you are interested in attending a program, go to the specific film/event page and you will either see a Buy Ticket button or instructions to register on ZOOM.


Before the Event

  • When you make a purchase, you’ll receive an email that has your unique access code for each event.
  • Each event has its own access code. For example, if you buy a ticket to three different showtimes in one purchase, you will have three unique access codes available in your email confirmation.

Joining the Event

  • Click “Join Event” in your order confirmation email to open the website to watch the event .
  • You will be able to enter your access code as early as 30 minutes before the start of the event.

Before You Watch

  • Your access code can only be used one time, on one device in one browser.
  • So before you use your code, please check the following:
    • You’re using the device and browser you would like to watch the entire event on.
    • If you plan to cast the event to your TV, make sure you are on the same WiFi network as your TV for best results.

Enjoying the Event

  • The event will start automatically.
  • Since the event is being live streamed, you will not be able to rewind.
  • You do not need to click or refresh anything throughout the viewing experience. Each part will play automatically, including the pre-show, screening and/or post-show Q&A.
  • Sit back and enjoy. You can watch it on your personal device, computer or on Your TV
  • There are two methods for watching the event on your television:  Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay.


If you have an external Google Chromecast set up with your TV or a TV with built-in Google Chromecast (TV’s listed here), open the online event link  in Chrome and follow these steps to cast the webpage’s video experience to your TV.

Apple AirPlay

If you have an external Apple TV or a TV with built-in Apple Airplay (TV’s listed here),open the  online event link  in Safari and follow these Play a web video on your HDTV steps.


Before the Event

  • Register for the program using the registration link on the film/event page or in the invitation email.
  • Complete the Zoom registration form. 
    Unless otherwise noted, you will not need to be an authenticated Zoom account holder to register for CAAM’s programs on Zoom.
  • Our team will review and approve your registration. If your registration is not approved, you will receive an email from Zoom (
  • Once your registration has been approved you will then receive a confirmation email from Zoom ( with instructions for how to access the program. If you cannot find or do not receive the confirmation email from Zoom, please email our team at
  • We encourage you to consider adding and to your safe sender list to help ensure that you receive program notifcations and reminders.

Enjoying the Event

  • The day of the program, use the zoom number/password in your confirmation email. We recommend you log in 5 mins before the start time and make sure all is well.


Given these unprecedented times, the CAAM team has been working hard to continue bringing stories to light by finding new and creative ways to connect with our communities. Please remember that we’re all in this together and that we should all remember to be supportive and kind through these tough times.

CAAM does not tolerate discrimination or abusive treatment in any manner, including, but not limited to national origin, ethnicity, gender or gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, marital status, age, ability or veteran status. Cause for removal from CAAM events includes, but is not limited to verbal harassment, intimidation or threats, physical violence, stalking, and/or sexually explicit, suggestive, or provocative behavior. If a CAAM attendee violates this attendee policy, causes any disruption, and/or violates any other CAAM rules or policies, then CAAM reserves the right to remove the attendee, and prohibit reentry at future events.

If attendees have concerns or issues about their safety, the decorum of other attendees, or other matters, then they should contact CAAM at


Q: How many times can I use my personalized code?

A: Each code can only be used once per browser.

Q: What if I need to restart my computer or browser?

A: As long as you are using the same browser, you can still use the same code. If you must use a new browser/device, please register again to obtain a new code.

Q: When do registrations close?

A: Space-permitting, registrations will remain open throughout the duration of the program.

Q: What if I join late?

A: That’s okay! You can join at any time. Note that this is a live event, so you will miss a portion of the program or film screening if you join late.

Q: Can I pause the program to run to the bathroom?

A: In theory, yes. You can pause the program, but when you hit play, the screening will not pick up where you left off. Since this is a live event, you will miss a portion of the program and jump back in at a later point.

Q: I’m burning to ask the director this amazing question! Can I ask it?

A: For programs that include a Q&A session, you will have the ability to submit questions to the moderator for consideration. Note that in the interest of time, moderators may not be able to include all submitted questions.

Q: I’ve followed all of the steps and am still having issues accessing this program. Who can I contact for help?

A: Please reach out to with specific questions. We’ll be monitoring this inbox leading up to and during the online programs. Please be patient and kind as we learn to navigate this process.

Q: Will programs be recorded and available to watch at a later time? 

A: Yes, live conversations and Q&A’s will be recorded and uploaded to CAAM’s youtube channel (CAAM Channel) afterwards.