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Filmmaker Summit Session 2: Personal Narratives in Documentary

Whether you are working on a personal documentary or adding your personal voice to a story, the process of writing narration and developing the story takes on new dimensions. How much of your personal history do you reveal? How do you write narration that helps tell the story rather than distract? What are the rules around family members’ privacy and what are the ethical parameters? Filmmakers and Mentors Grace Lee and Senain Kheshgi in conversation with Fellows Anula Shetty and Jude Chehab and moderator Vicky Du will discuss their experience and talk about their own strategies for storytelling specifically on a personal documentary film.

Panelists: Mentor Senain Kheshgi, Director, The Diplomat & Project Kashmir; Fellow Jude Chehab, Director, Q (WIP); Mentor Grace Lee, Director/Producer, And She Could be Next; and Fellow Anula Shetty, Director, Cosmic Egg (WIP);

Moderator: Vicky Du, Director, Light of the Setting Sun, CAAM Fellow 2019

Co-presented by OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates: San Francisco ChapterFrameline and Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC)

Dates & Times



Thu, May 14
12:30 pm