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Filmmaker Summit Session 3: Documentary Story Development & Process

The process of documentary filmmaking, particularly ones that are character driven and primarily verite bring with them unique challenges often in the development phase. Producers and directors follow several potential protagonists in an effort to build rapport as well as determine how well they engage an audience. There are hours of footage and lots of time spent in this effort that never make it to the final film but have played an important role in shaping the film nonetheless. This panel will discuss how filmmakers navigate this terrain and remain true to their story and their protagonists.

Panelists: Yi Chen, Director, First Vote; Fellow Sarita Khurana, Director, A Suitable Girl; Fellow Ligaiya Romero, Director, Not Your Model Minority! Asian Activists in the South (WIP); and Marjan Safinia, Director/Producer, And She Could be Next

Moderator: Mentor PJ Raval, Director, Call Her Ganda and Come & Take It

Co-presented by FramelineBay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) and Asian American Documentary Network (A-DOC)

Dates & Times



Fri, May 15
10:00 am