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Cast: Ed Kenney, Raiatea Helm

FAMILY INGREDIENTS is returning for its third season with a reminder of who we are and where we came from. In these episodes we celebrate our Hawaiʻi roots – from the rural island of Molokaʻi, to the west and north shores of Oʻahu and the Kauaʻi. We swim and fish and slurp down mango ice cream. We visit thriving farms that feed us, local fashion designers that dress us and hosts that try to teach us how to surf and play the ‘ukulele. FAMILY INGREDIENTS, a lifestyle series that shares the true meaning of Aloha. Itʻs all about the love.

We will be screening two new episodes from the upcoming season 3 followed by a special conversation with co-host and Grammy-nominated vocalist Raiatea Helm, Producer Heather Haunani Giugni and Producer/Cinematographer Renea Gavrilov Stewart. This will be followed by a performance by Raiatea and a reception to celebrate! 



Moloka‘i. It’s quiet. No traffic. Few tourists. Minimal development and the least populated of all the Hawaiian Islands. 38 miles long and 10 miles wide, rough around the edges but that’s how the community likes it. Fiercely independent and sustainable, they will fight like hell to protect their island lifestyle. They fish, hunt deer, plant kalo (taro), raise pua‘a (pig) and tend to their gardens, proudly continuing their practices from one generation to the next. This is the island where Raiatea Helm was born and raised, the island that inspires her everyday. 


From Moloka‘i to Kaua‘i we follow Raiatea Helm to the island where her maternal roots are deeply connected to the salt ponds of Hanapēpē, one of the most preferred natural salts in the world. What is revealed in this episode is a love story of broken hearts, a royal scandal, and a family secret. Raiatea’s family genealogy becomes the well from which springs her passion for music, love of the land, and history that she is committed to share.  

Expected guests in attendance: Co-host and Grammy-nominated vocalist Raiatea Helm, Producer Heather Haunani Giugni, and Producer/Cinematographer Renea Gavrilov Stewart.

Photos courtesy of Renea Gavrilov Stewart

Community Partners: Foodwise, Slow Food East Bay

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Pacific Showcase

A series of films and convos to deeper understanding of Pacific Island history and culture.

Dates & Times


The New Parkway Theater

Fri, May 19
6:00 pm