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Jeanette Lee Vs.

Directed by Ursula Liang

Cast: Jeanette Lee

No doubt about it, Jeanette Lee elevated the game, leading with style, skills, and an unapologetic dominance that locked her in a league of her own making. Now grappling with a cancer diagnosis, she looks back at her illustrious career and legacy, revealing the hidden challenges that at times were more pervasive than her contenders. In just under an hour, filmmaker Ursula Liang (9-Man) spins us the net of the Black Widow, astutely capturing the power and tenacity that is the icon, Jeanette Lee.

As modern cinephiles will do, the film will prompt us deeper into a wiki rabbit hole, but hold your thumbs. We have invited Jeanette to the Bay Area for a rare in-depth conversation with Filmmaker Ursula Liang! Hear from the legend herself and we wouldn’t be surprised if you want to hit up some pool halls afterwards.

Jeanette Lee vs. is preceded by the short, Team Choi (7:30) by Sangsun Choi, about Hayun, a 12-year-old archery prodigy.

Community Partners: Korean American Community Foundation of SF, Korean Center, Inc. (KCI), Bitch Talk Podcast

Preceded By


Directed by Sangsun Choi

With the loving support of her parents, a 12 year old Hayun Choi aims to qualify for the U.S. Archery Team.

Dates & Times


The Great Star Theater

Sun, May 14
12:00 pm